23 September 2010


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I reserve the right to indulge in a fit of pettiness every so often.  I think one should fully experience all major emotions once a month and the secondary ones, every six months.  Might not be scientifically proven, but such outbursts are beneficial to my wellbeing.  Think of it as taking a ginormous crap everything so often.  Now imagine the relief that comes after that.

Normally, I try to limit myself to two petty-rants a year but there are some situations where raining down curses and hellfire is the only way to keep from imploding.  Grandma Maleficent not only wrote the book on petty, she published it, sold the rights plus directed and starred in the movie.

"Oh, you "forgot" to send me the invitation to your daughter's christening?  No hard feelings but don't expect her to live beyond sixteen."

In my case, just because I say that I don't like weddings in general, doesn't mean that I don't want to go to yours especially if you are supposedly one of my closest friends.  This year, that count of supposeds has gone up to three.  Is it so wrong to be pissed because they did not even tell me?  One of them came home for a "vacation".  Non-committal responses to my questions of meeting up then I find out later that they did the church wedding here.

National Geographic had a commercial that said in high school, one has twenty friends which will go down to three by the time you hit forty.  I think this will be extremely true for me.

No one had bloody well better complain if and when I get married and I get very selective with the guest list.

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