22 September 2010

gift suggestion

People, it should be simple.  If you have to give a gift to a bookworm and you're not sure what she would like, get her the biggest denomination gift certificate to any major bookstore that you can afford.  Barring that, get her a bookmark.  It's only logical that someone who owns a lot of books will need and appreciate receiving a bookmark as a gift.  This nightmare is giving plus points to her two friends who gave her bookmarks as a gift.  See the kitty and the N?  The K bookmark was from this nightmare's mom so technically it doesn't count.

We are also calling out to the bookworm bookmark that disappeared.  Did the dastardly bear-napper get you too?  Or did you run away like the Zippo man?  If you did run away, please remember that abandonment of one's post is a crime punishable by death.  If you were bear-napped, tell the dastardly bear-napper that we are still waiting for his ransom demand...

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