21 July 2011


I get dreams about the weirdest things in the weirdest places.  But then that’s par for the course…and I should be more than used to it by now.  Although in the past year or so, my dream quality has been upgraded to HD.  When I get the good dreams, everything is fine and dandy but when it’s the other kind, I find myself wishing for graininess and smudges all around. 

The latest was neither good nor bad, just question marks.  The queens were in Laiya for the weekend to introduce the royal canines to the beach.  Please refer to The House of Queens if you’re curious as to the results of that introduction.  Anyway, after a battle lost against night insects who employ the very effective methodology of dive bombing for one’s ears, we finally settled down with our respective devices…in hindsight, I should have bought stock in Apple.Another_Witch

The dream was mainly about a game of tag mixed with hide and seek during a party in a house of an old friend.  The old friend draws me to one side to mention that he’s separating from his wife.   *What follows here has been redacted for reasons of personal paranoia.  Pertinent details can be found on the burgundy marble table in the room with the pythons dancing around a headless lion, 18th floor, northwest wing of the KMP.*  Then there was a girl fight which was resolved by the old friend getting his picture taken with the police politico-style.  Then I wake up.

My realization upon waking up is that I don’t really need my list with the 40-something supposed requirements.  All those items have coalesced into one definite thing.

- image from deviantart.com

15 July 2011

no man is an island


IMG_0012 P4170031IMG_0096 P4190172IMG_0097 P4200225 IMG_0098 P4170051 IMG_0099

But God saw fit to put me on one…

26 April 2011

lonely planet?

The nightmare lives on an island.  Ok, technically an archipelago...whatever.  The last week was spent "exploring" (and that term is used very loosely) one of the 7,000 plus islands that make up this part of the world.  We are ever so glad that we decided to go slightly off the tourist walks and to be against the flow.

30 March 2011

1000 cranes

There is a Japanese legend that says if you fold 1000 origami cranes, you will be granted a wish...I've kind of lost count but guess what my wish will be...

image from foreverflying.com

free origami crane pattern
image from planetpals.com

24 March 2011

wizard of oz

If I were to ever play Dorothy, these shoes would be written into my contract as an absolute requirement...

Alexander Wang 20
Alexander Wang 19
Alexander Wang F/W 2011 from TalkShoes.com

18 March 2011

mary jane

This nightmare has heard it all before.  They look funny, for kids, for gardening.  This nightmare does not care.  They're mary janes, they come in a lot of colors and they last forever...

image from vogue.com