14 September 2010

off grid

Almost 365 days ago, my mobile died.  I think it contracted a cellular form of pancreatic cancer because it was ok one day then dead the next week.  The repair guy couldn't even figure out what exactly went wrong and the only recommendation he could give was to sell it.

Due to budget constraints and a chronic inability to make a decision, I have been phone-less for almost one year.  I am resisting the call of the iPhone for the sole reason that I do not want to be an Apple whore.  I've narrowed my options down to the models below although I could still be persuaded to change my mind...see?  I told you it was chronic...  Maybe I should go crackberry?

Going off the mobile grid has been very liberating in one sense and time-warpy (?) in another.  It's been very easy avoiding people but I have to finalize all plans before leaving the house.  Or at least make sure I have people's numbers written down in my planner.   Alcohol for the payphones is another essential.  It's also very funny how the fact that I don't have a mobile doesn't register with most people.  I mean, how many times do I have to say "I don't have a cell!"?!?

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